Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear technology is the use of the degradation of atomic nuclei and / or other subatomic physics, based on the principles of nuclear physics. These include, but are not limited to, the interaction and maintenance of nuclear fission systems and components-specifically, nuclear reactors, nuclear, and / or nuclear weapons. The field is the study of nuclear fusion, medical applications and other (generally ionizing) radiation, nuclear safety, heat / thermodynamics transport, nuclear fuel and / or other (eg remove waste)-technology, nuclear proliferation and the effect of radioactive waste or radioactivity in the environment.

Nuclear and radiological engineering research and development of processes, tools and systems for the national laboratories, industry and universities can benefit from nuclear energy and radiation for society. The extension of the use of radioactive materials in industry, agriculture, medicine, power generation, and many other ways.

Many engineers of nuclear weapons design, develop, supervise and operate nuclear plants used to generate power. They can work in the fuel cycle - the production, handling and use of nuclear fuel and the safe disposal of waste produced by nuclear power generation. Others study the production of fusion energy. Some specialize in the development of energy sources for space, those radioactive materials for use. Other developing and maintaining nuclear medicine technology to diagnose and treat medical problems.

A large number of nuclear engineers work as private consultants and government centers of research and development laboratories. The one with the granting of doctorates may choose to work, whether as teacher or researcher at a university. The rest of them work in nuclear power plants or factories producing nuclear weapons or machinery.

Some nuclear engineers working as contractors for certain new buildings or factories are rising. They can look and see about the process of beginning to build a new nuclear power plant, for example to finish. If problems arise during the construction of nuclear power, nuclear engineers should be able to solve the problem quickly and effectively address the problems can be very dangerous and life-threatening event of nuclear energy.

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