Electronics and Communication Engineering

There are number of students who are attracted to this beautiful career in electronics and telecommunications engineering field.

Electronic and Telecommunication engineers are usually required in the industry, the environment was significantly different. Based in armed operations research in laboratories and manufacturing companies as they are provided both in the showroom. Defense engineers, hospitals and laboratories of the Air and time are exposed to harsh working conditions. However, telecommunications engineers are highly in demand in industry and research and services. On the other hand, hold office work that extends across a lot of technical calculations, design and testing. In addition, fieldwork requires a lot of traveling and hell can sometimes be physically demanding.

Telecommunications programs are designed to the basics and then develop the skills necessary to instill students with sufficient knowledge to telecommunications systems for small and large handle. A degree in telecommunications requires the development of a practical skill, which of course keeps you one step ahead of the subjects they study.

Telecommunication degree programs are developed carefully by very experienced telecom engineers, who have vast knowledge and instructional abilities. The telecommunications courses are carefully developed by telecommunications engineers with experience, a vast knowledge and teaching skills.

As explained above, the telecommunications sector has great potential. Advanced trends in the telecommunications industry forced entrepreneurs to develop new things. There are many telecommunications companies’ worldwide, providing different services. After successfully completing the education of telecommunications, has the following career opportunities.

• Telecom Consultants 
• Project Designer 
• Communication Engineer 
• Network Supervisor 
• Data Transfer Manager 
• Technical Assistant or Advisor 
• Transmitter Engineer 
• System Analyst 
• Telecom Administrator 
• Telecom Engineer

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